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Right Panel Monetization

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Right Panel Monetization

Hey Guys,

I have a quick question regarding the right side panel in websites. I see many sites now optimised to fit the entire width of the screen. Mine on the other hand with only the standard left navigation and main content panel has alot of white space and could easily accommodate something to 'fill it out' a little more.

Would a block of adsense work well here? I have heard conflicting reports of its success. Some argue that it detracts from the affiliate offers while others say it offers a supplementary revenue stream to your site. Does anyobdy have any experience with this? If not adsense then perhaps an affiliate banner. Would this be any better?

It seems wise to me to maximise the space available on your website (without overvrowding). However, this is not recommended in the affiloblueprint course. Be great to get some feedback on this.

Many Thanks - Mike.
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Hi Mike,

We have found that a not-so wide web page makes it easier for visitors to read your content and since Affilorama-style websites are content-based, this works very well for us. When your site visitors actually get the chance to easily read your content and not get distracted by too much advertising and other elements, they are more likely to click on your affiliate links, specially if your content is high quality and convincing.
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I really like to test this one too. Does AB theme support 3 column website?
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I'm sorry but Affilotheme can only create 2 column posts/pages (the main column or article panel and the sidebar).
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I have tested opt in boxes, adsense ads, and other things in my sidebars. Honestly, they don't get that many clicks. the in content links are where 90% of the clicks will go, although it doesn't really cost you anything to have an ad block if you just want to take up some extra space.
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