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Rating your products with stars.

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Rating your products with stars.

How do you all go about setting up a review page? I noticed on Mark's -Dog obedience website that he had 4 top dog training guides that he rated. He gave the top one 5 stars and the next two 4 stars, and the last one 2 1/2 stars. Would you always follow a similiar rating method. I realize that sometimes you can make repeat sales from one person, so you want to have at least two or three high rated products. But, wouldn't you be more likely to make another sale if your second highest rated product had 4 1/2 stars rather than just 4? That would show that it's coming in at a close second. Infact you could put two of them at 4 1/2, and then maybe you'll get a few customers to return and purchase one of these two products. Then you could give the final product (assuming you have 4 products) a 3 star rating. While you probably wouldn't sale anybody on a 2 1/2 star product, or a 3 star product, at least with a 3 star product you'd be more likely to. I don't know, maybe you know a better way. If so, share it here. Perhaps there is better method that doesn't involve rating them with stars. What works for you?
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Hi Kurt,

I still give star rating for my reviews but I also put in something like a general recommendation next to the title like, in the dog training niche for example "Product Name: Best Guide for Training Dogs with Clicker (5 Stars)".

I tend not to rank any product I promote less than 3 stars and I avoid ranking them low because it causes visitors to disregard the less-ranking product and go for the higher ranking one. So I lose sales on the less ranked product.

My two cents. :) Have a great weekend!
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i am a big fan of the stars here is one of my sniper sites,

I think it will do well after it gets out of the sand box :(

I have some HTML and star images that make this easy peezy lemon squeezy to do. From the Dead Beat Super Affiliate.

If you like, PM me and I can send them to you.
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JC Dean
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It is best not to give products a rank as people may not want to buy the 4th or 5th product. It would be useless to promote products if you're going to give them low rankings. Your visitors just want to know that the product is good so promoting the products as the “best” will help them make a decision to buy the product.

I suggest that you have an 'Overall Best Product" which is rated with 5 stars and best product for different categories, ie 'Fastest Weight Loss Product', 'Best Fat Burning Product', 'Best Weight Training Program', “Best Healthy Weight Loss Product'. These should all be rated with at least 4 stars: ... guides.php
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I agree with Michelle. When I rate products, I usually stick with 4-5 star ratings. I usually find 1 general product and 4-5 specific problems.

When doing niche research, I pick out 4-5 problems within the niche. I find a product that solves each of those specific problems, and write 4-5 articles about that particular problem. this gives me the base for my site and categories for my silos.

I also find a general product that covers all of them. I usually start off with the general product being a 5 star rating and the others being 4 stars.
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