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Privacy Policy and Contact Page

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Privacy Policy and Contact Page

Just finished catching up with the Blogging Bootcamp webinars - awesome! But I'm wondering, does the fact that Mark didn't put a Privacy Policy and Contact page on the flight simulator website make anyone else nervous? Or did he put them in there and I missed it. I know I watched him delete it from the footer. I thought no PP or contact was a big red flag for Google.
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I just looked... has a PR 3 has a PR 2

I am guessing Mark knows what he is doing.

Those are new websites. My websites that are old are still PR 0.
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I was curious about and how it was doing so I ran it threw traffic travis. I was amazed at how many keywords are ranking in google after such little time. I ran it threw back link checker. It's showing 45 back links in yahoo so my guess is hes built somewhere between 100-200 because we all know how back links get skipped. he also had a few good back links from pages of PR 1-5 which is probably helping.

Using Free Traffic System I've gained 32 back links to my blog and I've submitted about 100. My content isn't done so I just have one article on the first page right now. Can't wait to start getting back links for my content! : )
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It is weird has only 33 yahoo back links most of them internal (including this forum page:-)) if he is ranking for many keywords he must be doing something he has not shown us.

If he claims he has made money out of this site I will really be shocked.
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@redlotus, it helps if your page has a privacy policy and a contact us page but it is not a "big, red flag" for google. Since there is as yet nothing on the flight simulator site that asks for any information from visitors, it is not necessary to put in a privacy policy page (in fact it would even be incongruous). Also, a Contact Us page is not necessary for an affiliate site. This is because affiliates do not have to provide support for the products they are promoting; it is up to the merchant to provide support.

@loopy22, on the contrary, I would be really surprised if Mark Ling did not make money from the site. It already has pagerank 2 and its alexa rank is 337,082 at this moment. That means it's getting a lot of traffic and at least some of it is bound to convert to sales.

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