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Please review my websites

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I visited each of your site and the issue I found in all three is the quality of the articles. They simply don't make sense. Much of the confusion comes from an abundance of unnecessary punctuation marks.

I suggest you go over your articles and re-write them, making sure that you limit punctuation marks. Check any grammatical errors and observe correct word usage. You might want to hire a professional to edit/re-write these articles for you.

Another common issue is that these are sub-domain sites. Are you certain that you can promote affiliate offers or products on these domains? I know Blogspot allows AdSense ads, but I don't think they approve affiliate offers.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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mark schaaf
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The top site I like the layout but the pictures are blurry I would fix them and one of your posts runs outside the white part of the page that should be fixed as well.
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arthur clouse
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Hello sinashk!
I visited the second site. It looks good but I recommend to change right sidebar. It looks bad(
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I watched you blogs and it looks you know your subject, I think it is time ot get a .com, .net or .org domain and lead in your subject. If you do not want to invest too much money look for a 20 $ per year service
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i liked the topic of your sites. on the 2d site the right side bar is needed to be wider. but in general all is really good
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yes i am agree with cecille.l you have to read before writing article grammatical mistakes are there.
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