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Please an opinion about a website

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Please an opinion about a website

Please do an evaluation about this site
it have around 60 visit everyday
any suggest are welcome
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Hi stealthphone1,

The site's color is too dark and needs tweaking as far as layout and design is concerned. There is hardly any content so there is nothing to hold the reader's interest. I suggest you change the layout to something more visually appealing and add more articles like what is Tapping and why should I buy phone with an anti-tapping device?

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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I agree with Cecille.

I suggest that you add more high quality articles and images to make your site more informative and interesting.

I also noticed that you are using a lot of different font styles on your articles. Do not mix too many font styles because your site will look unprofessional to your visitors. Use simple fonts such as Arial, which lend authority to your text.
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You need to improve your layout and perhaps add more colors other than black? Personally, I'm not a fan of dark colored sites, especially black as this reminds me of sites with virus or porn sites (no offense meant). Thus, I suggest that you geared your website layout, design, and color towards a more business/service type of site.

Also, a change of header may help. Try to also get a good header that relates to your services. You may also want to add text in your header so people can understand and see right away what you offer.

And lastly, just like Cecille and Michelle suggested, add more content to your website and good graphics that go along these content.

I hope that helps!

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You should also get an English language editor to go over all your text. The grammar is pretty bad and there are many unprofessional English mistakes.

Some code errors are also evident - like HTML codes showing and bad text formatting in spots. Light gray text on a mid gray background (or maybe the text is white) is a poor choice for readability. You should at least make the gray background darker.

You have many large, uninviting blocks of text that need to be broken up with headers or sub-headers, lists, etc. You have done some of this (but they need indents) but you need more. The main page is so long that you should put navigation links at the page top to go to the different sections and "Back to Top..." links after each section.

Hope this helps....
_jim coe
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Your website disappointed me! You chooses dark colors and irrelevant pictures. Your title is not representing what you have uploaded in your website. The home page is too long and with lots of grammatical mistakes. Reedit to your articles and add use only relevant information. If you need correct optimization SEO services then you may take help from Google.

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It is pretty bad! I do not even know what you are trying to sell? Anyway what is that one of those site builder with flash or something? Weebly freebie .My God....

Why would you have offers that are not clickable?
I was reading a credit card offer that had no links.

I am sorry but that need a Extreme makeover ! It is not a pleasant experience it is very creepy! What the hell is with those creepy pictures on your home page?

Dump it and start over you need a heck of a lot more quality content.

Best regards
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stealthphone1 wrote:Please do an evaluation about this site
it have around 60 visit everyday
any suggest are welcome

I like your website.It is simple and nice.:-)
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In addition to improving the design, I would suggest that you create a free download to draw visitors to sign up with their email. It could be 5 little known ways to prevent tapping or something like that. Then set up an autoresponder series that further educates them on what they need to do and purchase.

As the site currently is, visitors come and go probably without ever buying anything.
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Have to agree with others. Looked at it through my mobile and was not a pleasent experience. On top of bad design and bad spelling you need take the vistor by the hand and lead them where you want them to go. Eg no calls to action
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