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Photos and Pictures

karen r
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Photos and Pictures

Hi everyone,

I'm wondering where I can get photos and pictures to use on my webpage.

Can I use any picture I find under a google images search? Or can I only use ones I pay for or download from a free download site?

How can I tell if a picture is copyrighted, or are all pictures on the Internet already public and up for grabs??

Karen :)
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I get images from Google search from authority sites and then give credit to them on your site. For eg, you can put a description of your image under the caption and then place [Image credit: blah blah blah] below it.

I do this as the paid versions are far too expensive nowadays.
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pixabay offer free royalty image we can use on our blog post.
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Trust: is a really good source of free images to use online. You don't need to pay to use the images and there are many themes to use from that should fit any site.
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No, you cannot use any image from Google image search. You can only use images that are having "Labeled for reuse" option under search results. The second thing you can do is to give credit to the source by providing the link of the source from where it is taken. But when we talk about website images, they should be unique and should not be copied from anywhere. You can go with Shutterstock to find appropriate and relevant images for your website.
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There are a lot of good sources of stock photos with free downloads, you just have to do a thorough search. You may want to visit they have several free images to choose from including photo keywords in it.
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I only use pixabay dot com.

Also read about Creative Commons.

Pixabay doesn't require attributions but there are some rules to follow when you use their photos (or any other free-stock-photo sites' photos!) But the rules are fine. I think they're only tailored for those who abuse such images.
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