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Page rank and backlinks

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Page rank and backlinks

Hey all,

Sorry about all the posts recently, i fgured i'd ask this community cause most of you are all very knowledgable.

There is an upcoming online game that will be released in 2011. I have a feeling that it has the potential to be quite huge like WOW so I went and purchased a domain. I launched my blog yesterday with only 2 short articles, no real onsite SEO and 0 backlinks. Well the competition is low atm and my rank on page one of google is 4 at the moment.

I ran traffic travis to check out the competition and it seems the #3 spot has 0 backlinks to this particular keyword, but it has a 1000+ overall for the site. So the question is, do backlinks to the page the keyword is connected to beat the sites overall backlinks? Lets say I get 2 solid backlins, will I overtake the #3 spot in the search engine?

Mind you I haven't really put any effort into this site at all yet, I just wanted to get a headstart so when the game is released I have solid backlinks, domain age and pagerank.

Thanks for all your help again Affilorama Community
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"do backlinks to the page the keyword is connected to beat the sites overall backlinks?"

well, it depends.. as a general rule all things being equal, yes.

However, there are so many other variables to consider when ranking that you need to take them into consideration as well.
Relevance, page strength, domain authority, link flow, contextual linking, link quality etc..
Sites don't rank, PAGES rank, which in turn gives a site authority.
A site with 1000 backlinks and some other good solid SEO factors may have a good PR which helps it rank well in the serps for related terms even though one of it's pages has zero links to it.
That page may even rank well for a word even though it is not targeted for that word because it is highly relevant to the sites other pages and niche.

Sorry if that sounds confusing, to put it simply..
Google will see a site is about socks and all the other pages are about specific socks, blue socks, red socks, green socks etc.

Now let's say there is a page on this site that mentions green socks however, the page title may not have GREEN SOCKS in it, but it may have it in the page content itself a couple of times. Well, if this site has a PR 4 and has some nice SEO going for it and 5 backlinks, then it can rank higher than a NEW site that has an article about GREEN SOCKS and has 100 backlinks and the other SEO factors suck.

Having said that, backlinks are important and I would say that your page on GREEN SOCKS should rank well because most people are not doing SEO right.

My suggestion to you is try it out.
If they have 0 links, then go after the keyword.
Make it relevant and highly targeted to what your searchers are looking for.

Just my 2 cents.
Hope that helps.
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Thanks for the feedback and it wasn't confusing.

I woke up this morning and took that number two spot I was looking for with only a post on the site and a single twitter feed.

Its still way too early to tell though, in time the competition will get fierce. Just hope I can build it up enough in the next 6 months so when the game is released, i'll be sitting pretty. Right now the game is sitting right under the developers website which has over 16k backlinks, but i certainly don't ever wanna beat them anyway. Its a strategic spot to be at number 2 and stay there.

I just have to figure out how to monetize the site in the future. I think for the next year till release i'll just be investing in what i hope will be a gold mine, or then again maybe not, MMORPG's flop all the time post release.
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have to wait and see. if the game is getting a lot of press, take advantage of it. write articles on what is coming, and help build up interest in the game. Who knows, the developers may take notice, and invite you to beta test. Then you could come out with one of the first strategy guides and kill the market early if you play your cards right.
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