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new blog earnings

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new blog earnings

So i took some advice to write about products that interest me and i started a blog. its called made (2 days ago)[] so so far 85 people have visited my blog. so i am being more realistic and i am hoping to earn any where from $500-$1200 dollars a months in maybe 2 months from now.
is this likely to happen?
can you guys rate it for me?
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Hi Rhoda,
I really liked the look of it, and was very tempted to buy stuff straight away. Great work with the link to the Jessica Simpson stuff - I think you have your finger on the pulse with that one.
Best of luck with your earnings, can you post back and let us all know how you are doing?

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If you like to be realistic "$500-$1200 dollars a months in maybe 2 months from now" the answer will be: NO way!
however that is a step for you. Try to make some money out of your site just to get a feeling about it.
First step: index the site with google.
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Hi Rhoda,
Here is some advice.
Take those annoying pop ups off your site.
As soon as I landed on the page it redirected me and gave me 2 pop ups.(which firefox blocked)

Also, I am not entirely against anyone using blogspot to build a blog, but if you want to have full control and not have the blogspot team wake up one day feeling trigger happy and delete your blog after you spend hundreds of hours or $$ on building backlinks to it, then I would go for your own domain and host it yourself with someone like hostgator.
Just my 2 cents.
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Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize
they were the big things.

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Hi Rhoda,

I agree with Troy and the comments and recommendations he makes.

If you are going to be using Blogger (Blogspot) you really want to be using it to write posts of interest to send visitors to your money site.

I notice, looking at your blog post and your money site that you love banner advertising. Here's an important tip, banner advertising will not generate leads for you and there is no guarantee the people will even find your site. Banners are a way to monetise a site that has regular visitors but it does not attract them.

You have the time, you have the will and you have the energy to create a successful Internet marketing business for yourself. I suggest you take on a bit more of what Affilorama teaches. You will get the best results through email marketing as this will allow you to build a relationship with your leads, turn the leads into customers and then turn them into repeat customers or clients. That is where the money is, monetising the site is a bonus.

Look at placing a lead capture page on your blog post or use your blog post to send your visitors to you money site, straight to a lead capture page. You obviously know a considerable amount about fashion accessories so create an information product that offers free advice in this niche and give it away to capture leads for your email marketing. There are lessons in Affilorama that will help you with this. If you have some money then get the newly created Affilorama Services to help you with this or check out Remember, nothing is impossible for the person who doesn't have to do it themselves; look at Henry Ford.

I think you can reach your target of $50k per year as you have the drive and the time; but to reach $500-$1200 per month within two months; while it is possible, you may require some help. Put your marketing system in place first and as you have the time then focus on your marketing.

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John Albrett
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making money with your blod depends MAINLY on one thing: traffic.

if you can get lots of traffic than you will make lots of money.
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