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Need Help with Text Formating

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Need Help with Text Formating

Something that has been driving me crazy for the past year ----->>>>> whenever I try to either center a sentence or try to insert a bullet list in either Xsite Pro or Word, the surrounding text that is not selected, seems to be affected also. I just want to be able to center or insert a bullet list only on the text that I've selected. Any one else have this problem or know how I can prevent it?

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Pasting content from MS Word into XSitePro inserts bizarre characters that tend to throw it for a spin when you turn the pages into PHP. I suggest that you paste your article into notepad first, copy the text from notepad and paste it into XSitePro. This will remove any fancy formatting that Word has put in there. Then insert the bullet on the text that you want to include on your bullet list.

You could also ask help from XSitePro's support. I'm sure they would be happy to assist you:

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Customer Support

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I agree with Michelle, if you are intending to do text formatting in XSite Pro, do it from within their system. Type your draft in notepad first, or if you are using word, save the file as text only. You can add the bullet points and other formats you wish from within XSitePro....
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You would indeed encounter different characters mostly symbols,when posting Ms word content to, which by the way gives me headache..
Anyway hope you'll solve the problem. Goodluck!
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and i thought i was the only one experiencing this trouble.
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Also, text in the same paragraph <p></p> tags will all center, even if you only select a small bit. Try putting <div align="center"></div> around ONLY the text that you want to center (same for images...).
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