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Need feedback on my website:

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Need feedback on my website:

I just need some honest feedback on my website, I've had 7 visits (5 come back a second time) since i added face book ppc 4 or so days ago but no purchases as yet. Is it to plain or dose anyone have any suggestions on how i could improve (it is a landing page pretty much) and its my 1st website
i created a ppc add on face book, i think that would be where the traffic is coming from so far

also any suggestions on getting more traffic would be helpful.

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I am a newbie myself and you have gotten further along than I have. But can I ask you, what is the purpose of your site? What does it offer a visitor? I think most people who Google anything are looking for information. Does your site offer anything of value?

It seems as if you only have one purpose, and that is to sell me something. If I am not looking to generate free power at this time, why would I ever come back to your site or tell others to go to your site.

For that matter, why would Google?
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We recommend building content rich websites (having at least 20 informative articles) to build trust with your visitors. Once you have established trust, your visitors will want to go back to your site and you can promote more products to your returning customers.

But if you just want to build a landing page, you'll find Mark's comments on this thread helpful: Landing Page Or a Mini Site?

MarkLing wrote:
1.Is it a good practice to setup a blank landing page, and auto redirect the visitors who click on my ad unit to the merchants site?

This is better than not having one, it also means you can have a higher clickthru rate by having a unique domain that plays on the keywords the user was searching for. For example, if the user was looking for "how to get my baby to sleep", then you may wish to register the domain "" or something and use that for your redirect.

I recommend at the bare minimum (and this usually results in good profits in of itself) that you create a page that is either a review site (best), that reviews a few products that you are affiliated to. Or set up a site that is very short that has a headline and a brief description of the problem eg "Who Else is Looking for a Solution to their Childs Sleeping Problems... I was too until I discoverd" and then have a link available that says "take me to right now" or something.

2. If a proper landing page is required, how do we know if we should setup a landing page, or a mini-site with a few pages?

for adwords, always start out with just a page, if it doesn't at least break even with one page, then it will be difficult to make it make lots of money even with a well optimized page. If you are breaking even, then you are probably on the right track and can probably optimize things to double your money.

3. Since some of the merchant sites are optimised for good conversion, do we take the chance of decreasing our conversion rate by referring them to our not so optimise landing page?

If it is a review site, or a reasonably well worded landing page then it won't decrease conversions. Especially if you put an audio play button on your review site or something to lend it some credibility.

4. how do we learn more of writing, setting up a landing page or creating a good mini-site if this is going to be part of a successful affiliate campaign?

This is in the course. If you need more info after going through the lessons, I will record more video lessons, in order to ensure you understand everything fully.

5. Do you advise launching the first google adword campaign now for new starter without first having a landing page or mini site?

no, at least have a 1 page site set up, that's not too much chop really, and it makes the world of difference.

I hope this helps,

Good luck!!

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Hi there,
of course Mark is the one of the leading expert and right!
I´m a newbie myself in affiliate marketing although i earn my living now by offline marketing.
a one-page for google adwords might however be a short-living strategy. i have tested that one and google slapped me, so i halted that.
if you don´t take care, you might get banned by Google for life, so think twice.
Google wnats content rich websites, non-misleading jsut like the 20 articles concept of Mark Ling.
think like this, would cheerfully give out your hard-earned money for the website you promote?
Would you cheerfully recommend it to your grandparents?
if the answer is both a BIG yes and not maybe or hell no-then go ahead if any smallest doubts then think again and build a website you can be proud of. Like I said I stop my first time experience sicne I couldn´t answer a full yes.
Now I´m building a site I can be proud of and learning hell now. Money is secondary for now. Next year is monetization. I am building a business, not a hobby this time, so need a long-term perspective. learn, apply,earn!
give value first,always.
good luck
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Hey, you're doing the same niche as me, cool. I like your copy; very enticing. But I have to ask you: Are you just doing PPC or will you optimize for Google? If you're doing SEO or thinking about it, I'd definitely add more links to more content. I don't know much about PPC, but at least put some headings in to break up the page. I'd probably put my opt-in form here too. At least if traffic doesn't click on your link, you might be able to persuade them to sign up for your list. Oh, and I think your affiliate link is bear. I'd use a redirect or something. That may be why people aren't clicking through; no one likes aff links. Hope this helps. If you have trouble or questions, message me if you can do that here. I'm so excited I've found someone doing the same niche. And good job on getting the clicks; I haven't even gotten my site online yet, so you're further than me. Good luck, and nice start!
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