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My New Website: Feedback Please!

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My New Website: Feedback Please!

Hi!! I just want to show you my new website. I´m very excited about it. =)

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Hi lcortezbarcelo,

Congratulations on your new site! The site looks well put-together. It has a lot of information on it, but everything is arranged so it doesn't look disorganized. It's easy to navigate too.

I wish you and your site all the best! Have a good day!
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Cool and interactive design.. It's also easy to navigate.. But there's a problem about your site. I tried to check it on my mobile and found out that your site's design is not responsive.

It's important to have a responsive design nowadays sir.. :D
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Your website looks really cool, I like it a lot. My main suggestion about it is adding some extra zest to the header. There's nothing at all except of the logo which is leftwards. So try to make your website header more informative and vibrant.
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