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My blog and webpage layout

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My blog and webpage layout

Hi Folks,

I need some direction here and any help will be gratefully received.

My Blog Web Page Layout Plan

What's my Blog to be about?


First up please understand I'm a complete novice in the online marketing
game and what is said here is that from a complete novice but based on
my hands-on business experiences coupled with the way I see things right
at this point.

What I want to focus on is the training methods used online. From my
business experience it seems to me that there is, just like in the traditional
business world, a scope for development/improvement in how the
available knowledge, methods, tools and technologies are applied to the
majority of online programs by program writers, professional marketers
and especially the 'WOULD BE' marketers in this field.

I know from industrial experience just how important training is in
every aspect of business i.e. folks coming into a new job either succeed
or fail depending very largely on the quality of the initial training or
instructions they get from day one. It is not all about their ability to
stick with it. In my view they are unsuccessful because of frustration
in the main.

I want to draw attention to the way we think, the way we learn, the way
we comprehend, the application of various technologies and so forth.
Why there is such a high rate of online business failure. I want to make
suggestions about possible improvements, All this and more from a
layman's point of view i.e. In a way that anyone can relate to what is
written and why.

I want to affiliate with sites that illustrate my thinking and ideas
and link to other interested parties. These link-ups will emerge as the
site/blog develops.

I want this to be non-technical but based on real 'on-street' experiences.

I want it to be a place where folks can interact by way of comment along
with the introduction of other thoughts and experiences etc.

I hope to include diagrams, screenshots, video clips, gifs and all that
sort of thing.

I hope to supplement my retirement income from the site/blog through
Adsense and commission from affiliate programs.

This is my site/blog layout proposal -

Home page heading title:-

HOW TO TEACH ONLINE Small business start up help.
(As I understand these are all quite good keywords)

I like the idea of as the URL or which is also available.

I'm thinking the page heading design as something like this:-

A panel with 'the thinker' gif on the left. The title 'HOW TO TEACH
ONLINE | small business start up help.' in the middle. A rotating square
at the right. All on a blue background or something like that .

I would also have the URL in small letters in the header block.

I would use a three col. Wordpress theme page hopefully as above if I
can work it and change what needs to be changed.

I would then start with the main text block as follows:-

Many people would just love to be able to work from home and generate
an ever increasing income for all the reasons that make life worthwhile.
There are equally as many people wanting to tell you how you can make
great money from home by joining this or that program for a fee. The
choices are many and varied, so what program should you join? A vexed
question to say the least!

There is HUGE MONEY TO BE MADE ONLINE some of which will be yours
if you choose the right program and training!

It is well accepted that a fast way to online failure is to introduce
your audience to the latest MLM program - not a good idea. Next perhaps,
suggest they look at Affiliate programs where they join for a monthly
fee to cover program privileges and promised training. Generally the
only person who really makes money will be whoever they pay the fee to -
equally not really the best way to win friends or grow a business.

It should always be remembered that sound and successful MLM, or
pay-to-join monthly programs are very few and far between and most are
bordering on scams as either the concept or training leave much to be
desired, resulting in very high failure rates.

During retirement I have examined many Work From Home business programs,
joined some with little or no success until last year when I came across NZPCS.

NZPCS is a turnkey, ABSOLUTELY NO COST, startup program with
everything you need to establish your Work From Home online business
to generate an increasing income year after year. However, I soon found
that simply because I was not familiar with the 'lingo' etc. I was lost and
almost gave it away. The simple fact that I had time on my hands allowed
me to battle on.

NO COST in this respect is reflected in the limited training, I say this
with no disrespect for the program which is excellent and with the right
help one would certainly succeed given study and time.

Early this year I was very fortunate to be introduced to AFFILORAMA
a very low cost (easily recoverable) program. This program is quite amazing
in regard to training. It is the best, by a country mile, of any program I've
encountered throughout my four year involvement with the internet.

My name is Alex Robertson. I'm retired having spent many years in
manufacturing management roles. I know the value of training and was
fortunate early on to have attended a workshop on TWI (Training Within
Industry). The TWI principles can be applied in any situation and through my
pages and articles I hope to introduce new ideas in online training to the
online work from home industry. -- Alex Robertson

I would welcome feedback from anyone in the forum as to thoughts on
what I'm proposing as well as any other suggestions would be much
appreciated. Finally does anyone have any thoughts on possible affiliate
programs etc. which may mesh, would also be much appreciated.

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Whew... must be the longest I have read here so far.... now I need to stretch... lol I kid......

It seems you are on the right track alrob. Presenting the business from the perspective of the customer/newbie to others who are in the same boat is a GREAT idea. I would have to see your header to give you a more precise answer as to how it looks. For your sales copy... I would recommend reviewing more than one product, although testing, and testing some more is the way to see what works and what does not. Keep us posted on this. Also, do you plan to do SEO or PPC?
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Hi adrian,


This is a short one :-)

SEO I think to start.

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Sounds good so far, I don't know about thekeyword "How to teach online". Teach what? It's a very general term. People searching for that might want to know how to teach maths or something.

The rest sounds good and I give you a gold star for the longest post ever :)
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