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Multiple Wordpress Themes on one site

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Multiple Wordpress Themes on one site

Is it possible to have multiple Wordpress themes on one website (ie. different themes for different pages, such as having a sales page in addition to your ordinary article pages), or do you need to create a subdomain to do something like this?
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You can have a different page template for individual pages, whether you can use a different theme for pages I don't know, but there may be a plugin for this type of functionality, there usually is a plugin to achieve anything in wordpress.

The link below takes you to the Wordpress Codex and explains the process of using different templates for different pages, it's not point and click though, so you'll need to do some editing of template files
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Hi, I am sure this would be quite simple to do, if you have the templates already.

If you required a second layout where the widgets, menu and the main elements have moved, this would be a little more tricky.

Assuming you just wanted to have a sales page layout and your main blog layout, you can do so when you create a new page for your sales page in wordpress, to the right hand side you will see the options to change the layout of the specific page:

You of course need to have the layout page which will be need to be located here wp-content/themes/yourtheme in order for you to see it.

If you wanted to have a whole different layout for example, you have a blog for gold teeth (first thing that sprung to mind) then within this blog, you wanted to have another blog layout for the tutorials to make your own, you could possibly do this, by setting up the blog on a subdomain like with a new install of wordpress, though using a script like softaculous will make this much easier as Wordpress now supports multi installs.

Hope this helps.
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