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Multi level affiliate website - need help

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Multi level affiliate website - need help

I want to create a multi-level affiliate website. When people go there, they pay to sign up and pay a monthly fee every month. When they refer someone who also signs up, they get paid for that sign up. Then, when their referral refers someone, that referral gets paid and they get paid and when everyone pays their monthly fees, their top level referrals get paid every month as well.

You with me so far?

So... how the hell do I create something that will allow me to do this??????

I only seen one other website that does this and they are pretty good. But I have since lost the link and do not know how to get back to that site.

I tried using Wordpress but they do not have any plug in that would track multi-level affiliates. I can not find any program or software out there that would allow me to do this. I found one, paid for a trial run and found out that they will charge me $0.25 per person that pays me per month. I am not going to give them my money to use their software.

I need help. How good are you guys at helping people? Lets find out...
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Have you already tried AffiliatePro's Magic Affiliate WordPress Plugin? It says in their website that it supports recurring commissions and up to 5 Level Tier Affiliate Structure.
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Keep us updated

I love MLM, but think software might be pricey and imagine the opportunity for glitches are abundant

If the product is a newsletter or some such - let me know - I will help you maybe

best wishes

elmo adams
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Let's just say you got the site. Why would I pay to enter it? What do I get in return for my money.
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