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Javascript or HTML?

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Javascript or HTML?

Which of the two you think goes well with website building? Javascript or HTML? Do banners with HTML load faster than those with Javascript? Or the converse is true?
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Hi kallayprasanth05,

In my very non-technical mind, HTML is the building block block of all webpages. You have to have it on your webpage. Javascript, on the other hand, is a scripting language that you can embed on your webpage. It allows for more interaction on the site, for example, clicking a button can change the image on the slideshow.

Too much Javascript on your page could cause it to load slower so I guess, Javascript in general, loads slower than HTML.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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From my point of view as a marketer - keep it simple!

I deal with designers and coders all the time who want to over complicate everything just because they can and this is rubbish - it takes twice as long for the project to be completed and looks the same as it would have done if you kept it basic!

I would however use javascript or php to ensure your affiliate links are safe and not hijacked.
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JavaScript is basically a client side scripting language. Manly heavy websites use a mixture of different technologies to produce HTML dynamically on the server and JavaScript to provide interactivity on the client. You can’t develop a website using only JavaScript.
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