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Issues with user roles in Affilotheme

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Issues with user roles in Affilotheme

Hi all, I've been using Affilotheme on my WordPress blog (version 3.0.2) for awhile. I just started assigning different user roles to people (I've been the only one posting to the blog up until now), but am finding that the theme only allows administrators to login. It will not allow an "Editor" or an "Author" to login and just sends the user to a page that gives this message:

You do not have sufficient permissions to export the content of this blog.

I know it's the Affilotheme that's the problem because whenever I deactivate the theme and revert back to the original Twenty Ten theme, the problem is solved and the other users can then login. Anyone seeing this? Any advice?

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Hi tomz71,

Yes, I see that, too, and I have referred it to our technical team so that they can look into it.

Cheers :)
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Hi All,

I've already forwarded this issue to the senior developer working on the AffiloTheme. Will update this thread as soon as I hear from him.
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I saw this too! Also reported it to support.
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