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Is Xsitepro still ok to use in 2014?

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Is Xsitepro still ok to use in 2014?

Hi There,

I'm still just a newbie here and was just wondering if Xsitepro is still ok to use in spite of some of the recent posts online I've been reading regarding the company? Is just seems previously Xsitepro was highly recommended for Affiliate Marketing. It would seem desirable that the software has integrated the ability to add the Google Adsense ads, Clickbank, and Amazon Affiliate ads. I've looked long and hard at all the other recent products that have also had positive feedback, such as Serif's Webplus and also Xara Web Designer Premium, but neither one seems to offer all of the Affiliate Marketing features that Xsitepro offers. Has the technology changed so much recently that Xsitepro is no longer feasible to use? I know Wordpress seems to be the word on the street lately... but is it as easy to get an affiliate site up as quick and easily for a beginner to web design? Any feedback would be appreciated! I set myself a deadline of this weekend to make a decision on the way to proceed here to get started on this endeavor.
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I vote WordPress! And for you to learn the basics of WordPress (installing, using, tweaking) and the basics of HTML/CSS.

You would be surprised at how easy learning the basics are, and it goes a long way too.

The main thing that got me to switch from xsitepro 2 to WP, was the themes, the layout and usability of the sites, (although xsitepro sites are super fast!). When google made the Panda update I had to try and capitalize on it but xsitepro made that difficult as there're not really any "plugins" just HTML/CSS, some hacking needs to be done basically.

Even getting commenting abilities was a big deal. It got to the point that I didn't even use a template: (that's one of my many dead sites, please do NOT copy that site it's old! I should probably take it down it's pretty spammy, and the blog is too lol, oh the blogs WP BTW it looks better than the main pages, hehe. ahh the good ole days when these pages ranked and made good adsense money.)

So yeah learn the basics, really I mean if you can get the basics down you can install WP onto your own server in 5-mins, have a theme slapped on it in another 5-mins, and it has almost everything you need as AN AFILIATE right out of the box. (There's plugins free/paid that specialize in turning WP into an Affiliate site, SEO optimized, a e-commerce store, a forum, a membership site, you name it there out there.)

Also you should actually keep using xsitepro because it's so fast at putting up a small site or a landing page for all the many reasons we need landing pages, that you should still use it, I will still use it to make "squeeze pages" "landing pages", "long form sales letters" etc., etc. but only because my WP Template Coding skillz aren't that great yet.
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I would also recommend WordPress. If you're going to be investing time in learning something new, better to learn something that is super-flexible and going to be around for a long time to come.

Also ... uhh... it's free.

You can get Wordpress to do pretty much whatever you want, since there's such a huge community behind it developing themes and tools and plugins. It might be a little bit like building a Frankenwebsite sometimes (sticking a bunch of things together), but it gives you a lot more flexibility.
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It's Wordpress for me hands down. It's so much easier to set up. There's hundreds of free themes to use, and a lot more Premium ones too. You can install these themes on to your Wordpress site and voila! You have a good-looking site without having to tweak codes.

If you want a specific functionality, then you can just choose from hundreds of plugins. Most of them free. There's also SEO plugins you can use which makes optimizing your pages and posts a breeze.

XSitePro was a great program. Unfortunately, they didn't seem to have evolved into into something better for affiliate marketers.

My two cents. Have a great weekend!
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