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Is this theme good for Affiliate Marketing?

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Is this theme good for Affiliate Marketing?

Hi everyone, I have a question about the xtheme. You can check it out here:

I have been into web design for the last 5 years and this theme is very popular and full of customization for web designs, but will this theme convert well for SEO and affiliate marketing?

I know the thrive theme is popular within the SEO community and it converts very well, thank you :)
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The theme has nothing to do with SEO, especially if it is a Wordpress theme. You can always add plugins to make your website SEO-friendly.

I have looked at the theme's features and it takes SEO into account. I think it is a good theme with so many features included in the package.
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The theme looks very good from a designer`s point of view, and because it is a WP theme you can add all sorts of SEO plugins.
But from a conversion point a view, I don`t think that the theme is any good. It has so many features that it might draw away the attention of the visitors from the actions you want them to make.
What are you trying to sell as an affiliate? Do you want to promote more than one product?
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