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Is This Distracting

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Is This Distracting

I would like your opinion. This is a website that I am going to mess around with in my spare time. It is not one of my main sites. Are the dollar bills to distracting when you start to read the article. I am afraid that it is but am just wondering if anybody else feels the same way. Thanks
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Personally no I did not find them distracting. I clicked on the site a few times & found my eyes were mainly drawn to the white written section. The dollar bills seem to blend in ok. So I would say looks good.
Steven :))
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Looks good to me great article good positive attitude site. I found the book "The secret" a great motivator and had some great success with the principals I learned from it. The book Think and grow rich is another one. Have a great day. Bruce
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Site looks nice.

Perhaps the first line of the text could be changed to a question to insure the reader is drawn in to the artical. Something like "What is the number one reason people fail to be successfull" or " Would you like to know the one little secret to my sucess"

Just a thought.
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JC Dean
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Hi Sheepfarmer

I don't think it is distracting. It is just an image it is not like the images are moving.

The only thing I did think was that the header could be a bit smaller as on my screen the header was more than half the page that was showing.
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