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Is this a profitable niche?

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Is this a profitable niche?


I´m just starting to create my blog, but before, I want to know if my niche is viable, or if it has a lot of competition.

I chose the "make money online" niche.
My native language is Spanish, so the blog will be in Spanish. There is less competition in that language.

My blog´s domain name is "", which would mean "six figures online".

Should I go deeper? Is this a profitable niche?

Thank you very much.
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It is a profitable niche and at the same time also a super competitive market. However, since you only plan to target the Spanish market, I think that it's ok not to sub-categorized it. A little research would be helpful though. Try to see your competition for that niche. If it is too competitive, then you may probably settle for a super targeted niche under money-making online

Good luck! :)
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I also agree that this is a profitable niche. But yes, you'll still have competition, despite the fact that you decided to make your site in Spanish. I can see that it's been a year since the post was published. It'd be really cool if you could feedback on how you're doing. Have you started doing this site? And what kind of difficulties did you face? I think that all this information would be very useful for the users of this forum.
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Nice question, if I know the answer, it will help me a lot.
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