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Is my Bookmarking site good or bad?

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Is my Bookmarking site good or bad?

I want to ask question is my good or bad and check off page seo if correct need you proper answer.
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The biggest error with your site is that it doesn't tell visitors what it is or what it is for right away!
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Yeah, you should try to answer:

Where am I?
What can I do here?
Why should I do it?

in around 7 seconds.
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esolutions said right, your website doesn't tell about its functionality, what does it do that the main question a website should answer itself.
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I agree with the comments above. Perhaps you can replace your header and add a description there so people will know right away what your site is.

Try to look around and check related sites for reference. You'll certainly get a lot of ideas on how they build their website.

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