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I'm confused: Wordpress or static HTML??

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I'm confused: Wordpress or static HTML??

I need to create 10 minisites in different niches to sell ebooks through Clickbank. The homepage would obviously be the sales letter, plus about 20 other pages for the affiliate area, privacy etc.

Now when I visit websites that specialise in building these 'sales letter' style sites, they all seem to be building it using xhtml and css.

Then I keep hearing Wordpress is all the rage - easy to use, heaps of themes and plugins, fastest way for a newbie etc - so I'm confused.

What should I use to build my 10 static sites?
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I am a wordpress loyalist and so I would say without any hesitation: use wordpress. Here are the reasons why I favor wordpress (some of which you have already mentioned):

It is free, so you do not have to buy any site-building software to make your website (those software are mostly expensive!!!)

It is easy to learn and it is continually updated and improved upon by many experts worldwide.

It gives you a wide choice of themes to use so you can be sure to find one that suits your taste and needs, and many of those themes are free :)

There is a huge number of plugins available to add functions and capabilities to your wordpress site. And more plugins are being developed all the time.

You mentioned "websites that specialise in building these 'sales letter' style sites, they all seem to be building it using xhtml and css" and I presume that those are sites that build your website for you for a fee, and of course they would custom-build sites, that is why they use those.

Wordpress also uses css stylesheets - such are included with the theme files.
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Hi gabby6480,

I agree with Fara and say go with Wordpress precisely for the same reasons she stated in her reply. I am not as adept with Wordpress as she probably is. In fact, I am recommending Wordpress to you from a newbie's point of view. I have signed up for it though and I found it a bit overwhelming at first. This is because there are so many things you can do in it.

There are plenty of free themes to choose from and customizing the different elements of the theme you choose is easy using Wordpress's interface. If you want to be very detailed in your customization, you can even go as far as to edit the CSS code of the theme. There are plugins and widgets you can use as well. You can in fact build an entire site field with static pages using Wordpress.

And best of all, it's free. I recommend signing up and just having a look around of the things you can do with it.

Hope that helps and all the best on your project. Have a good day! =)
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Go for wordpress. For only the simple thing that you can have the site in 2 seconds after starting the installation ( vs. coding it in html ).
Plus a lot of free templates and plugins.
Wordpress wins :)
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Do you know how to use Dreamweaver, or some other software? If not, then use WordPress. Focus on building your first one, if you "focus" on 10, you may overwhelm yourself. Wordpress is an open source software which allows it to be used free of cost.

You don’t really have to be experienced to use WordPress on your website. Nowadays most of the hosting companies provide the ability to install WordPress on your site at a single click of the mouse. The administration section is easy to navigate and its even easy to add articles/content to your website.
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Hi gabby6480,

If you just want a simple website which is managed easily and finished quickly, I recommend my ContrlCentral. We all know that small business or simple website may not need complex software such as wordpress, Joomla, though they are excellent and free. That is why I create ControlCentral. Hope it helps, thanks!
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By far the easiest way to manage all this and have room for expansion and growth is by using Wordpress. Don't even waste any more time thinking about it. Just do it!
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Nothing is quicker and easier and more economical than Wordpress to create websites.
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thanks for your replies..
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