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Html Or Flash

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Html Or Flash

So I've been doing html/css for alittle while now. But i feel like I can't acheive good graphics with them. When I found out that I already had Adobe Flash I wondered if I should learn it also to add more to the website. Any suggestions would be helpful.
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HTML is more for marking up pages and CSS is for taking existing graphics and using them in pages. Flash can be useful, but can take a while to load on some computers. If you have Photoshop, that would be the program I would use to create graphics with that you can add to your web pages using CSS (or in the HTML, in some cases).
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Flash has its applications, depends on what you are thinking of building in it?

I have never learned flash in my web career since 2000, never saw the benefit in applying time into something that didn't seem all that useful, and more importantly was proprietary - I am more of an open source guy.
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Flash is great, extremely flexible, customizable, etc. and I have used it for many, many years on most of the sites that I built.


Apple and mobile devices have killed Flash for the web. Simply put, don't use it or you will be destroying the user experience for an ever increasing amount of mobile users. I know people that have given up their normal computer to replace it with an iPad for example and years of visitor and browser tracking show that more and more people are visiting sites on their phones and iPads. Use animated GIFs, use HTML5. I know they are not as cool, but it's cooler than a big broken box on the middle of someone's screen.
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A combination of Both can enhance the look and feel of your website but you need to consider your market. Think about the pros and cons. I agree with esolutions about the trend of the users and the technology they use. If you just want to achieve good graphics and you don't need to animate the image, Adobe Photoshop is what i recommend. You can learn from other websites on how they use Flash objects so that you can weigh if using Flash on your website is necessary.

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Having Flash right into your site adds to its attractiveness in its graphics. However, recently, HTML4 has upgraded into HTML5 as an alternative to Flash so that you don't need to install one right into your browser to view some spectacular moving graphics. Hence, you can use HTML5. Try it!
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There are some differences between a pure HTML site and website that is done using flash. But flash have some capabilities that cannot be matched by using HTML. It is used by companies with a high marketing budgets that rely on compelling graphic interfaces to generate business. And also proven to be a leading method for providing streaming video content on the web.
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