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How to Transfer All Emails from Hotmail to

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How to Transfer All Emails from Hotmail to

To transfer Hotmail email to, you can either manually sync your accounts or use an automated tool for a quicker process.

Manual Method:

First, add your Hotmail account to

Sign in to Use your credentials.
Go to Settings: Click on the gear icon and select "View all Outlook settings."
Sync Email: Select "Sync email" from the settings menu.
Add a Connected Account: Click on "Other email accounts" and enter your Hotmail email and password.
Import Emails: Follow the prompts to start the import process.
Once the accounts are linked, will automatically import your Hotmail emails.

Automated Method:
For a quicker and more efficient transfer, you can use the Advik Email Migration Tool. This software allows you to easily transfer emails from Hotmail to with just a few clicks.

Download and Install the Advik Email Migration Tool.
Choose Hotmail and sign in with it's credentials.
Select required mailbox folders.
Choose "" as the destination account.
Enter Credentials & click Backu button.
It will begin transferring your emails.

By using the Advik Email Migration Tool, you can efficiently transfer all your emails from Hotmail to with minimal effort.
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