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How to track keywords if I use landing page?

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How to track keywords if I use landing page?

If I use LP, how can I change TID= in link on my LP change to keyword that people search & click my ad on Google search?

my keywords: key1, key3 key3

If someone search with key1 on google & click my ad.
Then on my LP, link should be "http://---hoplink----?TID=key1"

and some question
If I use redirect for my link
How can I track keyword on redirect link?

Thanks :(
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I'm assuming that LP means landing page.

What you have to do is make your landing page a .php page and then pass the keyword to your page and then from your page to your tracking id.

ie. You must have a php page set up that takes a url like:{keyword}

and then makes your tracking id in your links:[keyword]

Nick, can you give us the code for doing this?

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Hey, are landing pages really important? Why don't we just send them straight to our site? What's the difference?
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We wrote a big article on this in one of the earlier Affilorama update PDFs. Can't quite remember which month, but it's in the "your questions answered" section. Your question is pretty common.

- Aletta
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Using a landing page is good if you use pay-per-click advertising because it gives a better chance that your ad will show up, plus it lowers down your cost per click. :P
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try this for tracking down to keyword level and apparently not just for PPC landing pages they have a hosted and a self hosted solution, just come across it its free.

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