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How to remove 404 Errors on my site
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How to remove 404 Errors on my site

Hey there, Im thoroughly enjoying this process and journey. This is an awesome opportunity to build a business.
When I connected my site to google and looked at " I noticed some pages that I didn't finish and some I deleted were still there. Some lead to 404 no file found. Please help me to make my site easy to crawl and rank well.
I appreciate any and all help thank you
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Hello Robert,

Here, I will recommend you to do following things:

- you can add those urls into Robots.txt file and disallow them to get crawled by any of the bots.

- second thing you can do is to add redirect 301 to those pages who are showing 404 error on search results.

- Thirdly, you can send those url's list to GWT to Disavow and request to remove from search engine results.

Hope, this will help you.
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I suggest you go over the URLs or permalinks on your site and make sure they are correct and go to the right pages.

As Daljeet mentioned, if a page has been moved to a different URL, then you need to do a 301 redirect on the old URL so that anyone who clicks on it will be redirected to the new link/page.

I wouldn't recommend disavowing these links as these are links on your own site, and not backlinks from dubious sources.

All the best!
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Hi, I recommend you to analyze your site whether it have any dead or broken links. In cause if it has, correct the link and use Robot.txt to avoid that broken link listing in SERP.
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Easiest ways to remove 404 error on your site follow this - Use 301, update sitemap, remove pages from search console that have 404 error.
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