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how to make a wordpress post into a static page??

aveya marketing
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how to make a wordpress post into a static page??

Hi people hope someone can help with there wise wisdom.
Im using matt carter theme on wordpress, im having trouble making a post that i have just published as my home page. in the options in Reading i have static page and posts. i wouldnt mind changing where the nxt post and future post go i just would like to make a selected post my home page.
What i am intending to do is: have my high searched keyword phase as the main static page(home page). so for example if i was to type my url in i would go straight to that selected post that is linked to the home page. the site is a mini site with about 7 bits on content including posts and pages.

thanks for your help.
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I'm not sure if this will work with Matt's WP theme but with Affilotheme you could set a page as the homepage via Settings > Reading. Click "A static page" and select the page as front page.

If you use other themes, we cannot be sure how it really works so you might need to get in touch with the theme developer to find out: Rapid Profit Formula Help Desk
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Hi Darren,

Here's how to do that with Matt's theme:

1. In your wordpress dashboard, go to Posts and make the post that you want to use on your homepage sticky. To do that, hover your mouse over the post and click Quick Edit. Then put a check in the Make this post sticky box and make sure you click Update.

2. Then go to Appearance > Marketing Options and look under Homepage Settings. Put a check in the Only show sticky posts box. (You may also want to deselect the page that's in the Feature 1 field, if you had previously selected anything there, so that only your post will appear on the homepage.) Then scroll down and click the Save Changes button.

Note: to change the post on the homepage in the future, "un-sticky" the current post and "sticky" the new post that you want to have on your homepage. If you have more than one sticky post, all of the sticky posts will appear on your homepage.
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aveya marketing
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Thanks for the reply I can always rely on the team.
Believe it of not I tried that. Then what happened when I refreshed the page I had post under Neath that, still showing. Really anoying!! The really problem was I didn't want to delete that post and start again. What I found out, is because I didn't set up a home page the posts go on default on homepage.. Arrgh really annoying. So after hours searching YouTube. Yes. I have 2 main places that is relible now.:-). (affiliorama is one) There was a video showing what you can do in this situation like this. So for people banging there head against a brick wall have a look at this link also to add on matts theme. Go to marketing menu. I think that's what it is called this is off memory. Go to appearance and third option down. Then homepage select the home page in the drop down options. Go down to name homepage (what ever you want- I suggest your keyword) then select the pages you don't want to show up on the header. I.e the latest post or blog post.
I hope this is hopeful to people that is in this situation.
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Hey I was just researching the same (or similar) problem. Michellerana and Faradina had some pretty awesome suggestions that I never heard of before. I found another cool thing you may do. I found it on a Wordpress instructions page. It is the following plugin: Inline Posts. With the Inline Posts plugin you can create a page and then post it on your main page. This way you may keep fresh topics on your main page. I am using this plugin at my new website/blog Trial and Failure.
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Hi guys

Quick question regarding Matt Carters Wordpress theme. I stumbled across it the other day and wondered if I could install it on my affilojet sites?
I am currently using 2010 wordpress on my 3 sites and wondered if installing Matt carters theme would:
1 - Be possible
2 - Be able to be done without the necessity to make a whole lot of changes to pages and inline/pop up forms etc.

Any thoughts on that?


PS For future Affilojet sites would Matts theme work well with larger 20 article sites? I understand he focuses on 5-6 page sites.
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