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How to format a blog that will be added to my site

mark schaaf
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How to format a blog that will be added to my site

I asked in my last post about starting a blog and everyone thinks its a good idea. My next question about blogs is how should I format it. should I have a page that seems to last forever and just ad to the page as a new blog entry or should I have a separate page for each new blog post.
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I believe your best format for a blog is the long page format. For information on how to establish a blog may I recommend the "Affiliate Blog Bootcamp" . I believe this is part of the premium membership. These lessons are organized making establishment of a blog quite simple.

Below is the url address of the bootcamp however it is a PREMIUM membership product. ... mp/members

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Hi Mark,

I think it is a good idea to have a separate page for each new blog post. You can break up long blocks of text, add styling headers and line breaks, and use paragraphs to improve the flow of posts. You can also emphasize text by using italics and bold. Don’t use underlining in your blog posts. Because underlining is a common way of indicating links online, it can be very confusing for your readers to see underlined text that isn’t also a link.
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;heyMark, if you install wordpress on your site, you will make posts regularly.

If you use Wordpress, every time you add a new post, it will automatically show up in the home page. Depending on what theme you use, you can set it to show a short clip where they have to click to see the whole post, or you can set it to show the whole post on the homepage. either way works, and it is something that you should test in your niche.

I would recommend looking at other blogs in your niche and see how they are laid out. Network with some of the people running travel blogs and see what kind of ads and layout work best for them. Most of the time, they welcome a new blogger, as long as you are providing quality content. I would recommend checking out some blogger networking sites to find a few blogs in your niche and see how they look.

some of my favorites are,,, and each one has a lot of blogs in a variety of niches, and I know they have some travel bloggers there.
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