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How to Change Colors and Graphics on a Theme?

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How to Change Colors and Graphics on a Theme?

Hi, :)

I put up a site, but I want to change some pics and put some that I have.
I also want to tweak the theme so it suit more What I have in mind i.e. Changing the background, Changing the colours of the footer etc.
Is there a way to do it ?
Also, When I go to my media library, I see only blank thumbnail of the pics I have, but can't see the pics (what it is look like) Is there a way that I can see what is on the site instead of blank thumbnail (It would be easier to figure things out)
Thanks again for your support !

Luc :)
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Hi Luc,

Are you using Affilotheme? If so, there is currently no option to change the background or the colour of the footer. You can only select an overall colour for the theme by going to Affilotheme > Design and Appearance.

Regarding the thumbnails, could you please post a screenshot of the error on the Media Library so we could look into it? Or, send us an email with the screenshot.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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You may always customize your website in Affilotheme. I highly suggest you go over the lessons in Affiloblueprint, particularly Step 3 to Step 5 lessons. These are all video lessons on how to customize your website.

I also suggest you go over Affilotheme video lessons (Our Products> My Products> Affilotheme) to learn how to work with Affilotheme.

Please take note that the layout/navigation shown in the videos may not be the same as what you have now. Also, you do not need to follow all the videos. Just choose the ones that you need to work on or choose the ones that have not been done yet with your Affilojetpack set-up
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