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How Often Should I Update My Website?

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How Often Should I Update My Website?

I just heard that the secret to passive income through websites is to update your website regularly.

How often does affilorama recommend we update our website(s)?

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Hi Alain,

There is no cardinal rule for how often you need to update your website but (of course) the often you update the better. You may update your site daily with blog content or you may update it weekly, or you may update it monthly. But if you do not have the luxury to update your website daily, at least try to post a new content once a week :)
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I really like this question since I'm updating my site very often, but I started to get more into internet marketing so I got updating right now. I changed the whole site too often I guess...It used to be a blog back in 2010 then learning a bit more I turned the site (domain name) into a product or membership site just a squeeze page. That was too bad i think - now I will turn it into blog again and keep this structure. Not accomplished but what I will do next:)
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It is all about adding fresh content to your website on a regular basis. All the non-applicable content could be removed so new content replaces it. Search engines like fresh content.
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We do not have any recommendation. As Mary said, there is no hard and fast rule on how often you should update your site. This is something that's entirely up to you.

I recommend coming up with a schedule though so your site is updated on a regular basis. Having a schedule is extremely helpful when you're managing several websites.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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Actually, it depends on that which type of website you have. If its some kind of blog — 1 post per 1-2 days. If you are an owner of the news website — so many times as you can(people need new information). If your site presentates some product — update only when you have news about it)
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Websites are meant to serve users and giving users fresh content makes them happier. A happy user will most probably come back, convert, register, buy or recommend your website to other people. I am not saying that this is easy as 1-2-3, you need to first get your website noticed so that it receives a decent amount of readers but once you reach to that point everything becomes easier.
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at least once a week. ppl will stay connected if they can receive good and interesting content all the time.
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you can update daily or once in a week it depends on you but the content you write should be fresh.... so everyone likes unique and fresh content.
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Yeah, of course you should update your websites such often as you can, but it shouldn't be design update, because users like constancy.
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