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How many words per page rule of thumb?

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How many words per page rule of thumb?

What the maximum words per page for a website?

I want to keep my home page lean and mean but the supporting pages are a bit wordy at the moment. What rules of thumb apply for words per page?
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I try to keep my articles around 450 to 600 words. I believe the maximum suggested by Google is 1000 words. However, when you include affiliate links and everything else a 600 word article can get close to the 1000 word maximum for Google.

I find if I have a subject which I have been extra wordy I simply divide it into two pages. This allows greater subject specificity and keeps within the Google suggested guidelines.

Google guidelines are just that - guide lines. If you cannot divide an article into two separate articles and still have a sensible continuity; a page exceeding the guide lines standard is probably acceptable. I have a few pages that exceed the limit. I do not believe I have been adversely penalized.
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mark schaaf
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Almost everyone I have asked this question think anywhere between 500 and a 1000 words are good but I personally believe if the content is good and you are giving a lot of great information that there really isn't an upper limit, sure you don't want a page with 20,000 words but I have seen many pages on sites including my own that have 1500 word pages. I think it is more important for the article to flow and get the information presented without being wordy, but if to takes 1500 words to get the information or instructions across then I think it is fine.
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Have a look at the blogs and sites that you like and trust - how many words are in their pages?

Some - like Viperchill and John Carlton go on for well over 1000 words, but the info is all good and you want to keep reading. I've found that those sites that consistently have less than 600 words in their articles tend to be less 'engaging' for want of a better word.

(Physical product sites are the obvious exception)
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