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How Many Products To Promote In Each Website?

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How Many Products To Promote In Each Website?

I am in process of building website for a specific niche and need to know the right way of promoting products on it.

In my specific niche that are lots of products that all correlate and complement each other. Is it a good strategy to promote for example like 5 products and have articles around those products?

Or is it a better strategy to promote fewer products (1-2) and have a focus on one product specifically?

I don't want to build site wrong in early stages and then 6 months down the line find out I was not efficient in my strategy.
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I'm interested in this too. How many per website? On Marks wow black book I know he promotes a few like 3-5 maybe?
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You can promote as many as you like. As many as are relevant to your website and your content.

Mark's WOWBlackBook site promotes that number of products because those were the products that were worthwhile promoting when Mark created that site.

If there are a lot of good products in your niche, awesome! Promote them all!

However on a normal article-type page I would recommend that you choose one product to promote on that page, so that your visitor isn't overwhelmed and paralysed by indecision.
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It is very nice thing that you are building the website for a specific niche and you want to promote your products.
There are many options by using that you easily promote your website. Use different strategy to promote your website.
It is inform by you that you are having lots of product depend on the specific niche and my suggestion for you is, promote all the products,don't promote any two or three.
Use the good quality content and high pr sites to promote your website, you can also use the pay per click strategy to promote your website. I think my suggestion will be helpful for you.
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I agree with Aletta that you can promote as many products you like on your website as long as they are related to your website's niche.

If you're just starting out with affiliate marketing, I would recommend promoting 2 to 3 products for now. This will make it easier for you to manage the content on your site for these products. It would also be easy for you to spot which product concerts better and then you can later on add more or replace the non-performing ones with other products.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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I think one website prefer one or two is the best for promoting products.. Because i think every man will take it easily..
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It may depend upon the website and how we design the websites as per needed promotion. In general, SOme of them are need one product promotion or some other wants the more than five products.

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Try to promote an extra product that supplements the nature of the primary product. The website should after all not look like an 'affiliate zoo'!
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This is one of the common mistakes I see most newcomers make online...they end up promoting many affiliate products even before they start seeing the results from their first product being promoted....They end up having a lot to do to create valuable contents for every product....this makes it even more difficult for them and in the long run, they end up patient until you start seeing results before you can embark onto another product....
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When first starting with Affilorama I try to use KISS(Keep it simpleand straightforward)
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