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How many H1 tags are recommended on a page

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How many H1 tags are recommended on a page

How many H1 tags can you have on a single web page? Does it even matter?
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Yes, H1 tags matters for Search engine crawlers. You should have atlease 1 h1 tag in your web page. The h1 tag should be on focused/target keywords.
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One H1 tag per article/post is enough. In an SEO perspective, H tags are important (especially H1) to determine the main topics on a page. You usually just utilize the H1 tag in your title then the rest H2, H3, H4 within the rest of your headings (as needed).
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H1 tag plays the most important role in crawled the websites. You have to use at least one H1 tag on your website.For SEO purpose, H1, h2 and h3 tags are important to use.
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One and only one H1 tag should be used in a webpage, and there are no limit for H2, H3, etc tags but it's doesn't means to start adding 20-30 H2 tag :)Furnish your H1 like this that include your primary keyword in it. It will help to improve website ranking that increase organic traffic of the website. Add H1 tag on every page of your website.
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I would prefer using only one H1 tag on a page. H1 tag defines the page title and it should be used as the major title for your content.
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It depends on the outline/structure of your page.
With a traditional wordpress layout, as others have said, the correct answer is exactly one.

HTML5 allows one H1 per <section>, and multiple sections per page, hence multiple H1's. My site below uses this layout. This is more for semantic reasons rather than any SEO benefit.
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