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How Do I Put My Clickbank Affiliate Links On The Newsletters

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How Do I Put My Clickbank Affiliate Links On The Newsletters

Dan here, newbie! Like help on creating newsletters with affiliate IDs embedded in clickable links. Just in case someone is wondering am on Get response auto responder service. I wish to move the downloaded series of newsletters to Get Response. I don't know what to do to embed my click bank affiliate ID where necessary in those newsletters.
Thanks in advance for helping out.
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I do have Get response auto responder. But you have to painstakingly import all the year-long newsletter sequences one by one manually and add the affiliate link yourself. But if you still want to use Get Response, you can actually email their support team or go to their faq site.

In order to avoid all that hassle, I just signed up to fluttermail which will automatically import all the newsletters with your site name intact with the affiliate links. That's the good part. Furthermore should you have any technical difficulties, you can email the support team and they will be able to help you with whatever issues you could be facing.

The not so good part is, you have to pay $17 monthly. But you have the first month free and you can terminate anytime you want. So in that sense, no stress.
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You can download the newsletters, insert the affiliate links and save the new versions of the newsletters before uploading them to GetResponse.

The affiliate links are within the Affiliate Products file which you can download from within the jetpack niche you unlocked.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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