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How Do I Make a Splash Page?

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How Do I Make a Splash Page?

Yes I am a newbie. And no I am not ashamed of it. My question may seem simple or a little
dumb, but where does one go to get a blank splash page from? I have two blank site that
need to setup, and I want to have an grand open. My email is [email protected] or you can answer my question here in this forum. 11/16/09 Looking forward to hearing from anyone
that knows.
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Hi Shyboy,
You can make a splash page or landing page by using any web design software.
Xsitepro, dreamweaver etc..
If you are not that technical then you can also post an ad on for someone to do it for you.

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Try this link it gives a few tips on linding pages - ... ding-page/ . Or this one for Splash page tips - . Poke around there is alot out there- Good luck Steve [email protected]
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Hey Shyboy hows it going.??

Take a look at this program for fast and super easy landing and or squeeze pages.

just Google ,

small no. of templates but a decent place to learn how to manipulate them to what-ever you want and most important since it's easy, (ish) can be taking action quickly.

And taking action is one heck of a good habit to get into.

Hope it helps.
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