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How do I Build a Site Like This? Newbie.

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How do I Build a Site Like This? Newbie.

So whats involved in building a site like this?

My desire is to take the info feed from various resellers, sort and display by brand as exhibited here by various data fields (price, discount, value etc.) Maybe filter by range and vendor as displayed.

1. What type of developer is needed?
2. Is this complex?
3. How do I find quality individual to help create?
4. What is the range of cost?
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First of all hire someone your can trust to set up the web page. A site like the one you displayed required Maintenance on bargains. You can do that yourself. But it takes time.
Also, you need time for SEO and Facebook marketing. I would start out small learn and then expand
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Hi derekkirk,

1. What type of developer is needed?

>> I think any web developer can help you with creating the site.

2. Is this complex?

>>> This is a huge undertaking, but that's me with my limited technical ability. : ) I think speaking with a developer will help a lot as they will be able to go into detail of what needs to be done.

3. How do I find quality individual to help create?

>>> You can check out eLance or oDesk for freelance web developers.

4. What is the range of cost?

>>> I don't have a figure, but it's going to be costly for sure. It can cost you a few hundreds to a thousand depending on the project.

Before hiring someone, make sure that you've done sufficient background check and that you're positive the person has a good idea of what you want.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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Most likely:

-A framework, e.g., Ruby on Rails or Symphony.
-A CMS e.g., WordPress or Drupal.
-UI-UX, design, e.g., The way the site looks and how users interact with it.

The good news is any good web developer will know all of these together (hopefully), coders usually have around 5 languages learned. I know this cause I'm trying to be one and I have to learn all these just to be able to help edit my site in my sig. lol.

You should also take into account language barriers, as in the speaking language of who you hire, strong accents can be difficult to work with, especially when dealing with anything complex. (Go with the Philippines for better English.)
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