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How Do I Add FTC Disclaimer to Footer in Wordpress Theme 1.2

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How Do I Add FTC Disclaimer to Footer in Wordpress Theme 1.2

I read and know what to put in the footer but dont' see anywhere to do it when adding the FTC Disclaimer to the Affilorma 1.2 theme. Please let me know. Thanks Dean
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You could use the code on this post to add footer links: Footer in WordPress. How to Edit it?

Replace sitemap.htm with the actual address of your disclaimer and change 'Site map' to 'Disclaimer'.
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I have the same issue but the link you posted Michellerana
says I'm not able to access this area of the forum?
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Hi setio808,

The link Michelle referred you to is part of the Affiloblueprint 3 members only. Please clear your browser's cache, then log back in to Affilorama. Once logged in please click on the below link:


Please let me know how you get on. All the best!
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