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How can I get more members for my forum ?

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How can I get more members for my forum ?

Hi all,
I have a forum for webmasters Link removed by moderator
I want to have more members for my forum so what can I do for that ?
Anyone can leave some ideas for me ?

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Hi tinhyeu2s,

You need to promote your forum, the same way you would promote your site or the pages on your site. You need to frequent other forums within the same niche and participate in the discussions. If your forum has information that can help your fellow user/member then refer that forum post.

Hope that helps. Have a good weekend!
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You really need to get the word out there not only of the forum, but what makes it unique, why people should choose it over other forums and what they can gain by joining and being active. Nobody is sitting around bored hoping that a new forum pops up so that they have something to do. There is an excess of every kind of thing imaginable, this is not bad, but you need to stand out and offer something unique.
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you should let your forum get found by more people,there are many ways,such as socal bookmarking,blog,media and so on.
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