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Host4profit, is it any good?

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Host4profit, is it any good?

Has anyone tried host4profit? Is that any good? They let you make money with their site.

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Hey George,

The host4profit affiliate program is a bit dated and their prices are too high for the current market.

Try mark's hosting at

It seems pretty good.

Otherwise I'm sure there are others out there too that are a lot better than hosting bay which seems kinda on the expensive site (probably so they can pay their affiliates high commissions).

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I agree with Gazza, Marks hosting is good.

Another one I've heard good things about is It's cheap, but I haven't been able to try it myself, because I don't live in North America. I thought that was a bit weird.
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And in this day and age of a multiplicity of hosts this is one of the
best that I have seen especially considering the very
strong/fast response and large storage and bandwidth allotments
for an excellent price.

Another feature that I really like about this after having used
host4profit for 6 years is the UNLIMITED domain feature.

You should be able to get the information you need here:


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if you want a host you can make an extra stream of income with, check out kiosk.

I promote them with the site in my signiture line.

Their prices and services are much more competitive than host4profit.
The profit margins are smaller, but they provide an excellent service, plus many extra tools.


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