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Honest Opinions Wanted...

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Honest Opinions Wanted...

I am a recent college grad and I'm trying to break into the Web design field. I have sent my portfolio to six or seven prospective employers and haven't received any feedback yet. I even sent the link to a friend who asked me to design a Website for his law firm, and he hasn't even responded! This is making me nervous. My professors regularly gushed over my work, but I'm starting to think they were just blowing sunshine up my skirt (no idea why they would do that, just me being paranoid I guess).

Could I please get some unbiased opinions of my site? I trust everyone in this forum because I've never met any of you and you have no obligation to spare my feelings. Here's the link:
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The white on black is hard for us older people to read.

There is really no "hook" to grab my attention to get me to start reading. My eyes kinda when all over the place trying to find a starting point.

I know you want to showcase one of your designs, but I would advertise your service with a sales letter.

Something like this You could showcase some of your designs as the reader goes down the page like this guy does with his ebook covers.

Honestly I hope you find work, you have a lot of compition from overseas. People who earn a week what you would hope to earn in an hour.

Then there are the auto site builders like
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JC Dean
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I agree with J.C. The color and the typography doesn't stand out and the ones you're using right now are too dark. You may want to opt for one of your better designs to use for your website and be more creative in presenting your work. Although I am not into web design, I often come across great ideas and design sampls in Smashing Magazine. You've probably been to their site a few times, being into web design. Try look for inspiration there.

All the best to you and your endeavors! :)
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I see that your homepage is under construction and not doing a good job of showcasing your sites yet. I personally like the blackboard theme and hope you stick with it.

I thought the sites you designed have a very professional look to them. I especially like the one for the guitar store. The music is a nice touch.

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