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Help building categories on wp pages

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Help building categories on wp pages

Hello. I would like help building categories on my wordpress blog I have made pages like Style & Beauty and Daily Gossip and i want to make categories for each on them like for the daily gossip page "tv news" and "reality television" and " movie reviews". And for the style & beauty page i want to make categories called "clothes" and " shoes" and " jewelry".

And i also want all of them -( categories) to show up when i click on each the page.

i don't how elese to explain. thanks!
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If I understand you correctly, you would like some category options to appear under "Style & Beauty" (that is the only page heading I see on your blog other than Home and About Us). To make categories for that page, go to "categories" located under "Posts" in your Wordpress Admin. Create the categories names you want to add one by one with Style & Beauty as the parent.

Then, go to "Menu" under the "Appearance" tab. There you will be able to arrange those categories you just made appear under the page headings for the that particular menu. If you don't understand this last part, reply back and i will walk you through in more detail. Hope this helps.
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If you expect an honest answer from me, get to know your niche well and have somebody with you to discuss about it. And then make a proper categories, i'm saying it for you to have a serious website rather than to have a try and die website.
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Hi rhoda1990,

You can set up parent categories child categories. In your example, the parent category would be Style & Beauty and the child category would be clothes, shoes, jewelry. When you click on Style & Beauty, it will show a list of categories under the parent category. Clicking on each child category will show you a list of articles that fall under that child category.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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