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Feedback on First two websites

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Feedback on First two websites


I am not new to the affiliate marketing world but i am finally getting serious about working at it. I have put up my first two blog sites, based off the plr articles that Mark put up, and would like some feedback on them so i can make them better. They are still works in progress with lots of link building still going on. The first one ("") is getting about 3 to 6 organic hits a day right now. That's not a lot but its a start. The second one ("") was just put up about a week ago and hasn't really gotten any traffic as of yet.

I would really appreciate any feedback or advice anyone might have as i really want to make this work out and start making some sales.

Thank you very much in advance,
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I do not really have any input but to say they look pretty darn nice to me.
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The blogs are ok.
You just need some more content and calls to action on them.
The first one looks better than the other one but all in due time.
I am not a big fan of the colour scheme on the cysts site though to be honest. Everyone is different though.
I suggest going through the Affilobluprint and finishing off the sites and then running everything through Traffic Travis to see how they stack up and what seo score they get.
Then come back and ask an opinion again.

I also noticed you had some duplicate content on 2 different pages of your site.
I would rewrite this as soon as you can if possible.
I also read an ezine article that had some of the content you had on your site, so you may want to rewrite again.

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Content content content. It can be as pretty as you like, but if the content doesn't drive the traffic, it's pointless.
Overall, I liked the sites. I found them aesthetically pleasing.
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