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Feedback about my website

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Feedback about my website

Alright so I recently created my own clickbank product review site. Right now I only have one product I am promoting.

After watching a video on seo, this guy said that you dont want to insert the affiliate links until at least 3 months after you make the site. He said that you want to offer real, genuine content that the user can benefit from at first without looking like you are just in it for the money in googles eyes.

Like most people, I want to make money now haaha. If I need to wait 3 months, I will but I would rather not. Please let me know if anyone has any thoughts on this.

BTW this is the link to my site. This is my first review site and its not perfect yet but please let me know if it has potential to rank and actually make some money/ what I can do to improve it. Thanks.

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Placing your affiliate links in your content right away is no big deal if you have a really good content to start with. You may also observe the number of links you put on your website, especially on your content and try to minimize the affiliate links within your articles so as to avoid looking like your website is just built for promotion.
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Nice product, but too much text, try to use more pictures and less text
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