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Dreamweaver CS3 and Windows Vista 64 - compatible?

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Dreamweaver CS3 and Windows Vista 64 - compatible?


How's it going? I've been using dreamweaver cs3 for about 6 months and recently my computer fried.

I'm about to purchase a new unit with windows vista 64 'intel quad core' and I'm finding some negative comments regarding dreamweaver cs3 and 64 bit compatibility. ...

Any comments regarding this would be appreciated.
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Well, comments are kind of beside the point. Are you going to *not* buy the fancy Vista box if Dreamweaver doesn't work on it?

This blog post ( ... swhen.html) is almost two years old, but suggests that Adobe isn't going to start making 64-bit versions for a while because of slow adoption rates for Vista (which is pretty much the only OS that does 64-bit).

Adobe also say that Vista will run the 32bit version, although if it's getting some flak on forums then maybe there are actually problems. What sort of issues are people having? Perhaps it goes, but it's just a bit unstable and you need to save more often, or something.

If you do run into issues I suppose you can always downgrade to XP. I'm guessing you probably still have a license for XP from your old (fried) computer. That's an option.

Mmmm computer problems. I've got a new computer and my second screen is blue, so nobody is immune ;)

Good luck,
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shesa encarnacion
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Hi bobbyd,

I suggest you stick with XP for a while. Personal experiences of my friends say that Vista is sooooo slow... Well, maybe there are still bugs in there that need to be fixed!
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Yup, another vote for XP here. Let others explore Vista on their own, but if you want reliability, then don't jump into it right away.
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XP or Mac, leave vista out of the equation.
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i second that i can't stand vista its to slow for me and always seems to ask are you sure you want to do that feel like smashing it and saying if i wasn't bloody sure i wouldn't click on it but its not my computer hehehehe
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Slow isn't a word I'd use for Vista

without at least 4 gb of memory its like pedestrian even then its slow

have removed it from my test computer.
There is a version of WXP PRO 64 bit which i experimented with for some time on one computer.

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I run it on both XP and 64-bit vista. I have less trouble with XP. I also have a Mac Pro so when I upgrade my CS3 to CS4 master collection I'll be going MAC. The Mac OS is 64 bit and when snow leopard comes out it should be even faster as that is the purpose of the next Mac OS release.

My 2 cents.
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Go XP. Vist is C..p
do a search and find out what people are saying about vista
look to see if Microsoft has stopped work on it and now starting on their new windows. They admit, between the lines it wasnt the best.
Check out all the windows gurus and see why they dont recommend it..

and the list goes on and on.
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