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Does My Site Look Good Enough To Rank?

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Does My Site Look Good Enough To Rank?

I am new to affiliate marketing , and I just created a site about language .I talk specially about spanish and french. I am using wordpress platform and did everything that I have read in affilorama lessons . I have some friends saying that my meta description or my title tag is not good enough. from here I don't know exactly what to do. Can somebody gime some advice .
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I checked and analyzed your website and yes there are few issues regarding on page that need to get fixed if you want your site rank well in search engines. Meta keywords and meta description are missing in website which is very important for any website to mark its presence on search engine result pages.
Allover your website design is good, it is simple and easy to understand. The only thing in designing section which need to get improved is to change the area for ads that you provided just below banner image. It is not looking appealing and good. You can browse this link to get a vast information about search engine results, ranking and keyword improvement.
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Your site's design and layout could use a little tweaking to make it more interesting to visitors. You have an ad under the slideshow that is not aligned properly. The ads on the sidebar are above your recent posts and categories which should appear before them.

I suggest you add more to the opt-in form on the sidebar. Include a reason on why they need to sign up to your newsletter series. What will they get? What will they learn from it?

I also recommend rewriting the articles. They contain grammatical errors and personality. I also suggest you change the call to action and make them more interesting.

Also, since you're after getting your pages to rank, make sure that their on-page SEO is spot on. Use tools like Traffic Travis to check for your pages' SEO.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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