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Determining Review Criteria

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Determining Review Criteria

Hey Mark,

I am in the process of building a site that will contain some product reviews. I have chosen about 10 different products from within this industry. The plan is to have an elancer write the reviews for me because I am to busy and I want them to be professional.

My question is... How do you determine what type of criteria that you want the elancer to evaluate the products on? For example, if you were reviewing dog training products. How do I find out what is important to the target audience?

I am wanting to do 10 full reviews and then a comparison chart. So I am not only curious about how to determine what criteria for the full reviews, but also what is a good way to doing side by side reviews.

Each industry that I do will be different so I am more interested in the methods behind figuring all of this out. However, could we do something as an example?

If I was doing crap reviews, this would be easy. But I want to actually buy all 10 products and have a third party create 10 unbiased reviews.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. :)

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Hey Spider,

Good question.

One website that does a great job of reviews is

They set up a criteria and then review accordingly.

Each market you are in, whether it be dog training, language learning, or whatever, you need to establish criteria that is relevant to that industry.

One great way of doing it is by scavenging forums to see what problems people are experiencing and why they want to buy products in that market.

For example, with dog training, your criteria could include a checklist of the following:

Topics covered includes:
Dog Aggression Problems
Dog Chewing
Dog Housetraining
Dog Digging
Dog Jumping
Dog Whining
Dog Flatulence
Dog Separation Anxiety
Dog Barking

You could also add criteria that judges the quality of the presentation, such as:

Includes Pictures
Includes Audio
Includes Video
Includes free consultation (if appropriate)

You can also test their customer support by seeing how well they answer your questions. Perhaps your criteria could be that they answer within 24 hours (i say 24 hours because people live on different sides of the world and if they answer within 15 mins, it could be by fluke that they are on the same timezone as you and not because their support is any better or more efficient). Also, the quality of their response is important too.

I hope this helps answer your question.


PS Do any other Affilorama members have any comments or suggestions?
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Sounds good Mark. I will start doing some research on the niche I am in and see what type of stuff people are looking for. Thanks for the advice.
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I agree with Mark and I think the key is to think about the products being reviewed. What is important to the people looking to buy? Did it solve your problem? How well did it do it?

So you may want to include a chart like, but also add some comments about what you really thought about the product. I mean, if I come across a big chart with ticks all over it, it's gonna help to a certain extent, but hearing about results is also important.
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