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De-optimize site penalty

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De-optimize site penalty

Can anybody recommend a good recovery service for over optimization.

My site (for quite some time) has been stuck in a penalty - near or last page of search results for all keywords - which I believe is strongly to do with over optimization (something similar to minus 950 penalty).

I have been following what Mark says to do and yet I am stuck. Pretty frustrating but am willing to lean from my mistakes.

If anybody has ANY advice, please share.

Thanks very much - Jon.
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Hi Jon,

I'm not sure about any recovery service, but have you looked at the Google Disavow tool? I read that it helps you get rid of negative links that point to your site which helps you get back your rankings, more or less.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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It's important to correctly identify what is wrong with your site before disavowing links, etc. Did webmaster tools show you any insight?

Also, have you tried a reinclusion request?
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Hi Jon,

Perhaps you can check Majestic SEO. This provides a good list of backlinks to your site and it also provides complete information you need to identify bad links, unnatural linking, etc.

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