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Cheap web hosting

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Cheap web hosting

Hi Guys,

A few of you have emailed me asking who I recommend for webhosting. If you are looking for a good low-cost webhost, then try hostgator. You can register multiple domain names in your hosting package there ($9.95/month) and you get a lot of disk space and bandwidth.

If you want to use my affiliate link to purchase, here it is:

All the best,

P.S. If you are looking for high end hosting and are willing to pay a lot more, then you can't go past
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Hi Mark

Thanks for the great info on cheap web hosting.

Its good to see a company that offers affordable web services, as well as 24/7 Technical Support, including Live Chat, if any problems do arise.

I have dealt with numerous "cheap" web hosting companies over the years that say they offer around the clock Tech Support, but in reality when problems do crop up, ie the server goes down, they either take hours, or even days to respond, which can result in lost revenue, or even loss of valuable clients who are effected.

Even the Web Hosting Company that I currently deal with has on one occasion failed to notify me of a change in the server configuration, which resulted in seven high profile sites going down for a day and a half.

As you can guess, it wasn't me that found the problem, but one of my irrate clients, who wasn't too happy that their site was unavailable for their customers to view.

Anyway, thanks again for the great info
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Since Mark is recommending it so I wont say much but I had the worst kinda experience with them. I found better.
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Having gone through quite a few webhosts, we (my partner and I) found that Site5 was really good. We outgrew them and wanted more control over our server, so we opted to get a dedicated server. Way more pricey (>$300/mo), but for a couple of sys admins, we needed the control. The Site5 guys know what they're doing and the packages are good value:
Site5 [yup, that's our affiliate link in case you're wondering! :-)]

Funny enough though, we're now at the point where we're thinking of trying to save some money and processing power has gone down so much in price that we're considering getting a 'cloud' solution like Mosso, Amazon EC2, or Slicehost.

If you're not super tech savvy or interested in spending time getting up to speed on one of those solutions (and they do take time), then a typical shared host like Site5 is best for a new, small site.

Hope this helps someone. Cheers!

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I have had a Hostgator Reseller account for about a year now and am very happy with it. I host all my different sites there. It is very easy to change anything with a WHM interface (like a C-Panel for hosting).

It's not good if you need separate class C hosting for blog hub systems, for example. For this type of hosting use SEO Hosting which is also owned by Hostgator.

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Is there any benefit to having a Hostgator reseller account with a WHM interface, as opposed to the Hostgator baby account? I simply want to set up a series of independent mini-sites on different topics. The WHM capacity may be more than I need, at least initially.


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I bought a GoDaddy web hosting site, the mid-grade package. I am not functioning as yet but they offer a wide band width, multi - domain names and large disk space. Does anyone else here use them? And how do you like them?
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its what i use works great very cheap great uptime.
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I was using the Hostgator for several years and never had problem with it.
But I wouldn't give them 5 Star for the Live Support.They can be very slow and not so professional sometimes. In this case I close Live Support and switch to another Support Technician.
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The second day after working on my web site and now host gator is down how reliable is hostgator?
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They are usually pretty good and I haven't heard of many, if any, complaints about them.

This morning issue seems to be resolved now too :)
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I have a problem with web hosting I started out with Reseller Zoom and found their customer support very poor. I am now in the process of changing to Hostgater.

For all you experience guys out there I would like to ask a question if thats okay.

I managed to register my first domain with reseller zoom with no problem but when I wanted to host a further domain was unable to do it. My question is for each domain do I have to have a seperate cpanel?
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I'd also like to know more about the pros and cons of the Hostgator reseller account.

Stephen, thanks for your response. Also, what is separate class C hosting for blog hub systems, you mean like an authority/authoritative(?) site with hubs? What is SEO Hosting?

"It's not good if you need separate class C hosting for blog hub systems, for example. For this type of hosting use SEO Hosting which is also owned by Hostgator."

Also, hoping this isn't going off-topic, I would like some clarification on planning the "structure" of my site, eg when do I use a folder on my domain? (What's the difference between a folder and a directory anyway?) I understand that with an addon domain I need to purchase a separate domain name, which looks better when displayed in the browser.

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I use DreamHost.

They used to be great, I here, then went through a period of Cisco-router issue lameness (possibly egged on by some cruddy DreamHost decisions), and have been great and quite reliable for over a year now.

So I'm sticking with them for the timebeing.

Although... HostGator does sound better.
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I used 10 webhost across my 40+ over websites...and all of them are great !

I think as long you stick with a reputable will do fine..

Most of the problems crop up when your websites have a massive traffic or spam complaints against you...
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I like Bluehost better. I had problems with Hostgator and my tracking software. Everything seems to work nicely at Bluehost. (At the moment anyway!)Plus they come with everything that I could use.
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Someone asked earlier about reseller accounts. Well worth it. I do find that when you spend that little bit more, you normally get better response. Also, if you want to split your sites into their own cpanels, it allows you to sell off a site very easily.

As to hosting agents, I would only avoid one in particular, apthost.

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Well, just putting in my 5cents worth - I have been hosting multiple sites with D 9 Hosting, and every time I had a problem with anything they are there to help me personally in a snap. I can't recommend them enough, I only pay $9.95 per month also and their support is fantastic, seriously. I don't know whether any of the other hosts have got such a personal service. but I doubt it.
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I have a Reseller Account with HostNine, since starting out in March 09, because it was recommended by the Commission Blueprint course I was doing at the time. I have 3 websites but only one which is really working - it is my "AffiloBlueprint" site and is beginning to get some SEO traffic, about an average of 55 unique visitors a day.

I now have a problem with bandwidth, even though it is supposed to be an ""Unlimited Bandwidth" account. The so-called Reseller Central has a system for changing the bandwidth but, each time I try to make the change, I get an error message telling me to go to "support". I am now on my 6th ticket, the last one saying simply "Does anybody read these tickets?". You can guess the rest of this post - no way to change the bandwidth, no support response and an apparent could'nt-care-less attitude from HostNine.

My question is this. Is it easy or straightforward to move one's websites to another host server? I really need to get on with this, before further days lost to bandwidth limits as happened in June.

Also, is HostGator best on balance, in everyone's experience?

Please, advice anybody?

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