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Changing from one theme to another...

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Changing from one theme to another...

I have used the affilio theme from the affiloblueprint program to create my website. I have my header on it and about 10 question is: Can I switch from this theme to another theme? Will this ruin my website..I plan to switch to OptimizePress theme. Thanks.
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I found the answer from Optimize Press' FAQ page:
Optimize Press Help Center

Optimizepress is a theme that runs on WordPress, so if you have your site installed on WordPress and install the Optimziepress theme, it will override the look and feel of your site. Our theme does not affect your content (pages or posts) but it will affect the design and look of your pages, and remove any special features added by your previous theme

Think of a WordPress theme as a “skin” over your site.

Remember you can always switch back to your old theme as long as you don’t delete it in the Appearance > Themes section of WordPress

We have tutorials in the members area on how to install a separate version of Wordpress in a subdirectory or subdomain of your site so that you can then run OptimizePress there and have no affect over your main site

Hope that helps!
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If you've done any customization to the layout of your content, it might change a bit, but overall switching themes is very easy and shouldn't break anything.
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My advice to you before you do anything is to copy the HTML of each page and back it up manually. If worst comes to shove, you can just manually input the HTML of your text into the new pages of your site.

This is a lot easier than starting again.

Just my 2 cents
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I was planning on changing the looks on my site too. I don't want to lose any rankings though as I have several first page rankings. Does anyone of you have any experiences with dropping in rankings after changing to a completely new and different theme?
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Hi aeybey,

I haven't experienced nor have heard of anyone dropping their rankings after changing their layout. What matters is content and you'll basically be having the same content, although it will be presented in a different way. You might want experience a drop in traffic as some users may not like the new layout. I suppose it's a matter of trial and error.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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