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Can you help? FTP upload of a Wordpress site + MySQL

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Can you help? FTP upload of a Wordpress site + MySQL

Hi guys,

Does anyone know what the steps required to transfer a domain from one hosting provider to another are?

I have a Wordpress site

I have downloaded all the content files, the wp-admin files and the rest via FTP to my computer.
I also made a copy of the MySQL data base for that particular file.

I need to know where the best place to install these two things are..

I have tried uploading the content into the public_html folder of the website in question, but I did have some failed transfers, 119 out of 7024. The reason given was 'incorrect password'.

Where do I need to add the MySQL data base for that particular site? which is only 1.8MB?

I am not sure what else to do, my hosting plan has been cancelled with the last hosting provider, and now my site is not showing at all..It wasn't a very clever thing to do I there a quick way out of this mess?

I only changed the DNS to affilorama this morning, but I have been able to login via FTP so I am assuming all is working this end..

Any help would be really appreciated..


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Hi Duraid,

I understand that you're having some issues transferring your files. This happens all the time, specially when you have a lot of files to transfer, not to mention your database. The first thing that you need to make sure of is that you don't have any missing files. As long as you have the complete backup copy of your previous website, all we need to worry about is how to properly migrate the files to the new location.

Transferring is the files to the public folder is the first step. Make sure that you have the correct username and password. If transferring fails using your FTP client, there should be a browser based file transfer tool available provided by the hosting site. Ask their support team how to get there.

After all the files are transferred, you should start setting up the database again on your new webhost. Their support team should be able to help you on how to setup the database again.

Again, the most important thing is that all your files are complete and secured.

If they are using CPanel as their webhost manager, just let me know so that i can give you more information on how to setup your database.

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Good Post Jethro. cPanel is the easiest way to transfer files and to make it easier use the built in file manager in cPanel to upload a zip file of the whole /public_html/ directory AND MySQL dump file. You can then use the server to decompress them, this saves FTP upload difficulties.

The mysql_database_sql.gz file needs to be imported into phpmyadmin, this is also available in cPanel. Check with the introductory email your new webhost sent for a cpanel login, hopefully they use it. If not it may be Plesk based.
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Hi Duraid,

Feel free to contact us if you need assistance in migrating your site to our server.
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